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I recall with dismay; I was sitting on my desk and unable to add even a word to what I had on the screen. I picked up a magazine. It was about property in St Tropez and kept turning pages. A picture of an extended Pampelonne beach caught the eye. It was an advertisement an Immobilier in Saint Tropez had placed.

I am a writer and until recently I had only heard of writer’s block but had never experienced one. A few weeks, back while working on an important assignment I became conscious of the fact that my imagination was deserting me. I would type out a word or two on my computer and then I would just sit there gazing at the screen. Words eluded me. Imagination was no more what it used to be. Ideas that used to come in torrents were gone. Writing seemed an almost impossible task. All I could dream about was Var department in the south of France.

I talked about it with a friend. What’s wrong with me? Was I losing my mind? Should I see a doctor? After a thoughtful pause he commented that I looked OK and he thought I was face to face with writer’s block.

How long had it been that I had taken a vacation, he inquired and I couldn’t tell. Go away and have fun in some sunny place. Rest your nerves. You need rejuvenation. I thought he was right.

Next day at the office I picked up the same magazine and looked at the impressive Pampelonne beach view. I began planning a holiday.

But to where?

I dialed a contact in the south of France. I asked him about the Var Department and renting of villas in that area. By the time I put the phone down my mind was made up.

That evening I broached the subject at the dinner table. I couldn’t fathom the exitement my wife and kids displayed. So that was final.

In a few days time arrangement had been made and the family arrived in St Tropez and were lodged in comfortable villa overlooking the vastness of the sea.Just the sight of warm looking azure waters of the mediterainian was having a balmy effect on me. Our friends the Immobilier Saint Tropez had done a wonderful job. I was considering purchasing property in Saint Tropez

The first thing we did the next morning was to visit St Tropez’ Citadel and than on to Plage des Graniers. All of us felt captivated by the beach and we visited all in turn. The rest of the family were enjoying in their own way but for me seeing the people doing what they do on vacation was sort of inspiring.

We visited the Annonciade Museum. What a fine collection of art this museum has; Matisse, Cross, Marquet and a lot more. We went on a shopping spree and ate at Café Senequier. It was a delight.

We did not restrict ourselves to St Tropez and traveled to towns and villages around like, Ramatuelle, Gassin, Grimaud, La Croix Valmer, Cavalaire, Ste-Maxime, La Garde Freinet, Cogolin and St Raphael.

Ambiance of the whole place, observing the French life style, sea and the sandy beaches and above all being natural and open undid the knots in my head. I felt the urge to write rise again in me like a tidal wave. It has been the most memorable vacation I have ever had. Thank you Immobilier Saint Tropez.

Source by Maira S

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